Desktop Vs Mobile and Tablet Casino Gambling

When online casinos first began in the 1990s, it was only possible to play on a desktop computer. Laptops followed soon after. At the time, the only choice available for real money players was to download the online casino software to a computer. Although laptops provided some mobility, it was only a hint of what was yet to come.

In the past decade, mobile phones have advanced by leaps and bounds in a short space of time. Smartphones provide players with the opportunity to take their gaming with them anywhere they wish to go. At first, casino games for mobile phones were very simple, and have improved along with the available technology. Smartphones have improved tremendously, and are now being used by most cell phone users. Today, mobile games can be just as good as their desktop counterparts.

With the advances that have taken place in the mobile gaming industry, one might think that all players would prefer to play on their mobile devices. There are, however, still advantages to playing the desktop casino versions. The main advantage is that there is a lot more choice when playing in online casinos. The reason for this is simply that online casino games have been developed for many years before mobile gaming began. Even those software companies that now create and release new games that are compatible with both online and mobile devices still offer many more desktop games. There are also more banking options for online players. Another big advantage of desktop games is the size of the screen. Since there is simply more space available, all images and information regarding the online casino games is bigger and easier to read.

The screen size issue for mobile gaming has been partially resolved for those who make use of tablets. As tablets have became popular, players have found that they can enjoy their mobile gaming experience on a larger screen, however, since the same software is used for smartphones and tablets, the more streamlined and stripped down versions are used on both these devices. For some, the smaller screen is an advantage because there are less distractions on the screen.

Another mobile casino advantage is that it is easy to play your favourite casino games from any location. This means that you can spin a few slots reels or play a few hands of blackjack while you are waiting for an appointment or commuting. For the most part, mobile games are compatible on the major mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS.